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Week 31 - Germany

Week 31 – Germany

Monday morning it was raining. So the cycle to our boys was wet and windy. Our boys went out in the rain, but they had their waterproof blankets on, and man! do they work well. When our boys came in, their heads and necks were wet, but the rest of them were dry. Both boys had had a good roll in the paddock, so their blankets were wet and muddy, it was really interesting getting them cleaned off, but we did eventually get it done. After giving them a good groom – to get rid of any itches, we put dry blankets on again. It rained the whole day, so the cycle in the afternoon was also wet. I was glad once the boys were tucked up in their stables for the night, and we were tucked up in the house for the night, and all of us were warm.

Tuesday morning it was still raining, and the wind was blowing like crazy. Our boys enjoyed their romp in the paddock, even though they were still clothed. Once we had finished up with their stables we brought them in, gave them a good groom and changed their blankets, they were ready to cuddle up for the day. While our boys were cuddling, they were full of shavings to prove it, we cycled to town to get some groceries, it was really wet, but at least it was not too cold. The cycle home was great, the wind we fought all the way into town, was now behind us, and pushed us home, and the rain had let up a little, so all in all it was a really easy cycle. The afternoon cycle was dry, but the wind going to our boys was still really strong. After sorting out our boys, and putting on their pajamas, it was back home again, with the help of wind. Instead of taking 20 mins to cycle back it took 10 mins because of the winds help. The thing I have missed the most here in Germany is not being able to just watch our horses play all day. When we were back in SA, the horses were out in their paddocks all day, and they would play and we could just watch them from the window, or from the pool or back lawn, appreciating God’s wonderful creatures. I miss having the horses right there with us.

Wednesday was overcast, but no rain. The wind also was not blowing very hard, so the cycle to our boys was not bad. Our boys had a good romp out in the paddock, in their clothes – it was a little too cool to let them streak today. Both boys had fun, playing and pushing each other around. Once back in their stables they both got stuck into their grass. The afternoon cycle to our boys was also quite pleasant; the sun even stuck its head out for a while. Once we had tucked the boys up, and made sure they have all they need for the night, we were on our way back home. Once we got back the heavens opened, so at least we got to watch through a window without getting wet. The sun then stuck its head out while it was raining – so beautiful.

Thursday was quite interesting, it was pouring with rain, so the trip to the horses was wet – really wet. Our boys went out in the paddock with their blankets, which are really waterproof. Shame they looked like drowned rats by the time we had finished their stables, but once the blankets were off, they were dry underneath. Once we had dried up our boys and they were all comfortable for the day, we went off to town in the rain – Lindy was arriving today, and we had to get some groceries – got to at least feed her. On the way back from town it was really wet, but at least the wind was from behind, so the cycle was quite quick. Once back home, we got all dried and warmed up, and all was forgotten. By the afternoon the rain had mostly let up, just a little drizzle, so there was no getting wet. Once we got our boys ready for the evening we cycled home, with some dark clouds around. Well they waited for us to get home before opening again – Praise the Lord! Lindy arrived just after 7pm, and the rain had just let up again – how cool is that! We had a wonderful dinner together and then her and Ole went to sleep in their mobile home – their first night in their new home away from home.

Friday morning was misty and cool, so after breakfast we headed off to our boys – this time in the mobile home – Wow!!!! No bicycles. Once at our boys we introduced Peri and Bailie to Lindy and Ole, got some good pictures, and our boys went out to play. We did the stables really quickly, gave our boys a really quick brush down, got them all tucked up for the day and then we were off to town. We showed Lindy and Ole the town, and took them to lunch at the little hamburger joint – Nasch. We showed them around a little more, then we headed home. By now the sun was shining again. At about 3pm, Lindy and Ole left for the rest of their journey. I was sad to see them go, but we had a really good time. It was then time to cycle to our boys for the afternoon, and off we went, needless to say, the clouds started coming over and it looked really dark, but we made to the boys and back before the rain. All in all we had a wonderful day.

Saturday morning was misty again, but once we got to our boys, the sun was out, so we let our boys streak in the paddock. The two of them ran around like hooligans, and both rolled in the lovely mud. Cleaning their stables was quite a story, because of taking a shortcut on Friday – note to self: never take shortcuts. While we were cleaning and getting our boys stables ready we watched them playing in the paddock, they have so much fun, it is just so wonderful to watch. Once we were done with the stables, we brought in our boys, and had to clean them – Wow!!!!! They can make a mess when there is a bit of mud. After about half an hour of grooming, our boys were clean again, and ready to just relax in their stables. The sun was still shining on our cycle home, which makes it so pleasant, even if the wind is blowing. The rest of the day was spent sewing up Peri’s blanket – for some reason all the stitching is coming loose, and doing laundry. By the time we had to go to our boys in the afternoon, it was overcast again, but at least it did not rain, so we stayed dry. After tucking the boys up for the evening it was time to go home.

Sunday was wet, rainy and miserable. We cycled to our boys, they played in the rain, with their raincoats on. Once our boys were back inside after playing out, they were tucked in for the day. The cycle home was really hard with all the wind. The afternoon cycle was pretty much the same as the morning ride, although there was no rain. After tucking the boys in for the night, we got tucked up at home. Then at 7pm, the sun came out, and stayed out until 8.30pm, that is just so strange. At about 9pm it eventually got dark.

We are now ready for another week in Germany – Praise the Lord!. On Tuesday they take bloods, and we would like to ask all our friends to pray that they are negative, so we can go to Canada.

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