Donegal Orphan Annie

Donegal Orphan Annie

Breed: Registered Clydesdale


Sire:  Armageddon's Lord Cain


Dam:  Willishome Crystal Bella


Height:  16.2hh


Color:  Black


DOB: 06 June 2007

As you may have guessed Donegal Orphan Annie is an orphaned foal. Unfortunately her mom died at birth and never got to see what a gorgeous horse this is. She fits in well here at Nickweb Stud, she's not a very tall girl but still stands at 16.2hh. She may not be the tallest horse we have but my "O" my she is the fattest. She has a lot of bone, a really big neck and shoulder, and a nice ass too. Basically she is a horse version of a tank. But don't let this fool you, she has very light movement, when she actually decides to run. At one year old, her foal, Frederica, was taller then her. Just because mom is short, it has absolutely no effect on her babies. In Sept 2017, Annie was diagnosed with cancer, though we were unable to confirm whether it is Leukemia or Lymphoma. She lost an extravagant amount of weight (250kg) and slowly faded into nothing. Though after an aggressive treatment with Dex, she seems to be on the mend! She has slowly begun gaining weight and is returning to her usual self! We are now able to confirm that the treatment worked and Annie is now Cancer free!


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