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Nickweb EAL - Skills development
Nickweb EAL - Skills development


Anti-Bullying 8 Week Program:

In this 8 Week Curriculum participants will have educational tools that will deliver fast, effective results that will help prevent Bullying!



Our equine programs have proven to be ideal for a child who exhibits anti-social communication skills as they provide training in social skills which improves communication skills, emotional, physical, mental and spiritual wellness, self-esteem, and encourages sensory stimulation and ultimately, integration.


Our equine programs are ideal for a child who exhibits aggressive behavior by promoting positive leadership skills, empathy, developing kindness and choice-making skills and encouraging responsibility, creativity and laughter. The youth that teachers, counselors and the principal feel display behavioral issues, or who are withdrawn, will benefit most from the program.This 8 Week Journey will Include:

  • Building Relationships and Intentions (different personalities)

  • Skill Development 

  • Articulating and Interpreting Thoughts 

  • Building Confidence

  • Body Language

  • Active Listening and Articulation

  • Listening through Body Language (learning to visually see what horses and people are saying without speaking).

  • Recognizing Boundaries

Skills Development - Equine Assisted Learning

Building Block 8 Week Program:

If you can only do a few weeks, we always suggest at least the 8 week curriculum for optimal learning. Our suggestions for these 8 are:

  • ​Building Relationships

  • Skill Development

  • Problem Solving

  • Focus

  • Negotiation

  • Choices

  • Body Language

  • Team-Building & Leadeship

*This Program is more for Youth

*Extra programs can always be added to this curriculum.

Meet & Greet:

Not too sure which program is right for you? Come on over and meet our team! You will be given the opportunity to work with our teachers (the horses) and take part in a couple of obstacles just for fun! This will let us get to know you and help you choose which program will be the right fit for you. Your Meet & Greet will include:

  • Meet the Teachers (The Horses)

  • Grooming/Brushing

  • Obstacle

Skills Development - Equine Assisted Learning
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