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Clydesdale Stud

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Nickweb Indiana rose

Nickweb Indiana Rose

Breed: Registered Clydesdale


Sire:  Armbro Jason


Dam: Donegal Orphan Annie


Height:  17.1hh

Color: Dark Bay


DOB: 10 June 2015

DOD: 19 November 2022

Rosey is everything we could've imagined when we put Jason and Annie together, from that velvety black leg to the maple leaf patch of white on her site, she also has the most unusual colour. Rose is one of the sweetest natured girls we have, so warm an innocent looking, but keep an eye on your ears when cuddling, cause if you ignore this girl, she will surely find a way to get your attention! 

This one was a huge blow to us. We got up one morning to find her dead in her paddock. It appears she may have had a heart attack, there were no signs of struggle and it appeared as if she was dead before she hit the ground. Kayla had just started riding Rosie in the summer, and she was an amazing and quick learner, doing everything Kayla asked of her, it was their dream to get into dressage together, because when Rose ran, she floated across the ground like nothing we have ever seen before.


Nickweb Indiana Rose Pedigree
Indiana Rose-27
Nickweb Indiana Rose
Indiana Rose-26
Nickweb Indiana Rose
Indiana Rose-20
Nickweb Indiana Rose
Indiana Rose-18
Nickweb Indiana Rose
Indiana Rose-16
Nickweb Indiana Rose
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