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Rolling Hill Trinda

Rolling Hill Trinda

Breed: Registered Clydesdale


Sire:  Wooden Spoke Excelsior


Dam: Boulder Bluff Calenda


Height:  18hh


Color: Bay


DOB: 03 April 2006

Trinda is definitely a mare that stands out in our herd, she is by far the tallest. She has a fabulous presence about her that just screams pure power! If she was a human, she'd fall under the "Tomboy" category, she's not afraid to get her hooves dirty and always means business. She is the dominant mare in the herd and makes sure that everyone is kept in line, even Frederica! In her 17 years of life on this earth she has only had one foal. He was the biggest foal of that herd in 2013. We covered her in 2015 and she foaled twins in 2016, neither survived... Though we were able to find her an orphan foal that needed a mom, he was a little solid paint colt named Outlaw, it was tough the first couple of days but eventually she started taking real good care of him. We love everything about this horse. She is extremely tough, but when no one is looking, she doesn't mind getting a cuddle or two. 


Rolling Hill Trinda Pedigree


Rolling Hill Trinda
Rolling Hill Trinda
Rolling Hill Trinda
Rolling Hill Trinda
Rolling Hill Trinda
Rolling Hill Trinda
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