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Nickweb EAL - Skills development
Nickweb EAL - Skills development

Team Building

Corporate Team Work Development:

Participants are encouraged to apply the exercise to their division, department or business, and are encouraged to look for challenges to their business that they may not have yet considered. As a result the workshop has a practical and immediate application. The workshop also develops an essential core competency for today’s leaders: innovation and creativity in the face of the unknown. A key learning outcome is an experiential understanding that we are NOT moving along a path towards a single predictable future. This common but mistaken paradigm creates the illusion that we can control what kind of future we are moving towards and when we will get there. This is a dangerous frame of mind for businesses and leaves them unprepared to deal with today’s economy.Ideal for the following audiences:

  • Business owners of local businesses 

  • Corporate management teams

  • Managers or business owners and their teams 

  • A non-profit organization or community group

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