Nickweb Frederica

Nickweb Frederica

Breed: Registered Clydesdale


Sire:  Donegal Lockinvar


Dam:  Donegal Orphan Annie


Height:  17.1hh


Color:  Black


DOB: 10 June 2012

Frederica is the naughtiest, smartest horse you'll ever have the pleasure of meeting. She knows too many naughty tricks for her own good. Clearly Mom, Annie, didn't discipline her in any way! She is the sort of horse we like here at Nickweb Stud, not extremely tall, and nice and stocky too. She is one of those horses that just has a round everything, keeping on weight very easily. She definitely takes after her Mom's "tank" gene. She's quite the energetic girl and always makes sure the rest of the mares are keeping in shape and exercising regularly. She loves getting kisses and being groomed by our dog Rascal. We plan to breed with her, but this may only happen in 2018 when she turns six, as she is still a bit immature and we aren't sure she's ready to be a mom just yet, but when she is, we will most likely cover her with Nickweb Fred.


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