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Week 2 in Mauritius

Week number two has been quite eventful. I think both humans and horses are getting tired of being cooped up. The horses get to go out for a half an hour, to an hour every day, but this now has to be supervised as Peri and Bailie can cause a lot of havoc if they want to. The two of them were out, and we turned our backs for a few minutes to muck their stables, just to come back to a wrecked yard – that is right, our little “hooligans” broke all the well maintained trees. Needless to say we got into a lot of trouble, and now they are not allowed out without strict supervision.

Then on Thursday Peri decided that the food was taking too long, and he banged on his door until he got it open. Picture this – A barn full of horses – 17 in total, mares, geldings and stallions – My boy “Peri” strolling down the corridor, flirting with the mares, and teasing the stallions – what a mess. He then politely walked out the back door and off to the green grass. Once he was back in his stable, we had to get the clips from our saddle boxes – Yes!!!! I carry them with me, just in case we need to stop our boys from escaping, and getting up to no good. I bet you wondering what Bailie was doing during this excitement, he was cheering Peri on, and I am sure he was begging Peri to also let him out.

I think we have everything sorted out now – the supervised grazing, the anti-escape latches. It is now Sunday the 25th September, and we are ready to take on another exciting week in Quarantine.

Peri & Bailie

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