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Week 35 - Leaving Germany

Week 35

Monday was spent cleaning, and tiding up the house, and packing the last of our bags – We are really getting excited now. We going to miss our boys, but we are really looking forward to seeing our family.

Tuesday morning we were up early, and at 7.30am, we were picked up and taken to the quarantine station. We helped load the 14 horses that we were flying with from Amsterdam to New York. Once the horses were all loaded, we had a 4 hour drive to Amsterdam. Thanks to Guido for allowing us to travel with the truck and for giving us tickets to fly as grooms. Guido and his team are the most helpful and kind people we have met on our trip – Thanks Guido! Once we arrived at the airport, we help load the horses into the travel containers, ready for the plane. Once they were all ready to fly, we went to check in at the main airport building. At last the horses were loaded, and the passengers were on, and it was time to take off. There were 5 grooms, Kayla and I were 2 of the 5, and we had to stand with the horses in the cargo hold when we took off and landed – that was really fun. The staff on the KLM flight were really wonderful, and we had a great flight. Once we landed in New York, we said good bye to the horses, and we got off the plane with the rest of the passengers. We were now in New York – on our way home.

Wednesday we spent the day taking in the sights of New York. It was really sad, that it was raining and we could not see all the sights clearly, but we still got to do quite a bit. We went to Rockefeller Square, where we saw a huge Lego shop. Then we went to Time Square, and there we saw a huge M & M shop, there were 3 floors of M&M’s and M & M merchandise – what a lot of chocolate. There was a huge Disney toy shop – the atmosphere was fantastic. We also went to see the statue of Liberty, but unfortunately because of the rain, we could not get any nice pictures. What an interesting day – at the end of it we were exhausted, so it was back to the hotel for a good night’s sleep.

Thursday morning we were up bright and early to get to the airport to catch our flight to Canada. We landed in Canada at lunch time, and Wow!!!! It was raining – we just can’t get away from rain! It was so wonderful to see Klaus and Michael again, and the drive to our new home was great – there was a lot of catching up to do.

The rest of the weekend was just spent getting settled in, and getting to know the neighborhood. I got to see our new little foal – Fred. He is so cute. One of the mares in the field decided that she needed a scratch and came up to Klaus with her rear end, and when he walked away, she followed him in reverse – it was so funny to watch. All in all it was a good week, just miss our boys so much, now we are home, and our boys are not with us.

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