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Week 34 - Germany

Week 34

Monday morning the weather was absolutely lovely – T-shirt weather. Once we got to our boys, they were happy to go out in the paddock and have a good roll and run. While they were having fun in the paddock, we packed up all their goodies for the move. Once everything was packed up, we brought our boys in and got them cleaned up and ready for their move. At 1.30pm it was time to go. Guido was kind enough to move our boys in his lovely big truck – first class travel for our boys. Once we got to the new stables, our boys were off loaded and put into their new stables. Both boys can look out the back door into the field, and they have lots of sunshine coming into their stables. Peri was quite happy to say hello to the yearlings next door to him – he just loves the babies. Bailie has a mare with a foal next to him, and she was not very happy meeting Bailie, but I am sure she will get used to him. We hung around by our boys for a while, with no rush from Guido – some people are so fantastic. Eventually it was time to say good bye to our boys – it was really sad, but at least we get to see them on Saturday before we leave. I think our boys will be happy in their new temporary home, they have each other, big stables, grass and from Tuesday they will be able to go out into the field. I am going to miss them so so much.

The rest of the week was spent getting things sorted out for our boys, to get their boxes to Canada. We really missing not seeing them every day and we are looking forward to seeing them on Saturday. On Thursday and Friday we helped at the quarantine station, grooming two Frisians, and on Friday we took them out to the paddock for a walk and grass. The crying has subsided, as we prepare to leave Germany, and get to our family in Canada, we are really missing them a lot now, as we saw them 9 months ago last. We really going to miss our boys though, but thanks to Christina, and Michael, they will be happy. On Friday morning I got an email from Greg in Canada, telling me that Josephine had foaled, and she has a healthy little colt. I can’t wait to see the little guy.

Saturday Christina came to pick us up to see our boys – thanks Christina!. Our boys were out in the field, and they were so happy munching on all the green grass. They both had just had their legs washed and looked so smart. Peri loves saying hi! to the little ponies in the paddock next to his. We really miss our boys, but they are in good hands and will be happy, which makes parting so much easier. After spending a couple of hours with our boys it was time to leave, and Christina was kind enough to drive us.

Sunday was spent doing laundry and getting things packed and ready to leave. We just thank the Lord, that our boys have somewhere lovely to stay, and that we are going to see our family again. This trip has been really trying, but the Lord has brought us through it, and He will be there for the final steps as well.

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