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Week 30 - Germany

Week 30 – Germany

Monday morning was chilly and dull – summer seems to have left us temporarily. I got lots of encouragement from friends and family, and that made the day a really good day – Praise the Lord! Our boys had to keep their blankets on for their romp in the paddock, but they did not mind too much. After making sure that our boys were sorted out for the day, we were off to town – shopping yuck! Once we were done and loaded up, it was the cycle home – not to bad – there was very little wind. When we went to our boys in the afternoon, we were surprised to be met by the dogs and the cat, they were all waiting for their treats – they know exactly where we keep them, if they could get the box open I think they would.

Tuesday was a lovely day, it started out chilly, but by the time we were got to our boys it had warmed up quite a bit. On the way to our boys, we saw the little buck – reminded us of the “bokkies” in the “koppies” and our rides in amongst them – I miss those rides. After letting our boys streak around the paddock while we cleaned up, we put them back in their stables and headed home. After lunch we did some gardening – imagine me doing gardening – well we just really raked up leaves and tidied up – it was nice to do something constructive around the place. Kayla and I found a soccer ball in the garden, and played soccer for a while – it was really nice to just be outside and play. By the time the afternoon came, the skies got black again, and we thought we might get some rain on the way to the boys, but it never rained, it just threatened. After tucking the boys in for the night, and making sure they have enough grass we were on the way home again.

Wednesday was another chilly overcast day, so our boys got to stay tucked up for the day – no streaking! They did get to have their romp in the paddock, but they had to do it clothed. On our way to the boys, we decided to try another route, and it went right past the wind turbines – Wow!!!!! Are those things huge? Once we got our boys sorted out for the day, we were off back home, to hide away from the wind for the day. I managed to finish the book I was reading – The hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom. What that poor lady went through during the war and how she carried on after the war, all in the name of Jesus – if I could only do a quarter of what she did for the Lord, I would be happy. I am still trying to figure out my path for Jesus – I am sure of one thing though it includes horses – Clydesdale's to be precise. The Lord would not have given me such a love for these majestic animals if I was not to have them in my life. I don’t know what my future holds, but I am sure the Lord will let me know when I need to know, in the meantime I need to be patient – not one of my strong suits, but I am working on it.