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Happy Holidays - Fun Day

Hey Everyone!

On the 16th of December we hosted a Fun Day with our Equine Assisted Learning Program! Because we only have 1 Certified Facilitator we were limited to using 2 horses which allowed for 8 attendees.

So what was included in this Fun Day?

FUN! We started the morning off with the first lesson of our Equine Assisted Learning Program, so attendees could connect with their horse (teacher) by grooming and also learning the basics about safety around horses (the Do's and Don'ts). Once they were all acquainted, the obstacles were next! This is always fun to watch because at each obstacle there is a little card with that specific obstacles instructions, now, these instructions are generally pretty vague, yet precise. They tell you what you essentially have to do, BUT they aren't so specific about how you complete the obstacle. It's very interesting to see how people follow instructions, there's very little thinking outside of the box... and when you have 3 - 4 people with each horse and they all have different ideas of how the obstacles need to be completed, it makes for some interesting entertainment!

Once everyone was done with their obstacles, they went back to the classroom for their debriefing and talked about what they learned. It's always interesting to see how the different situations effect different people differently.

Now that the debriefing was done, it was time to put the learning aside and have some real fun! It was time to decorate their horses! As you can see in the pictures, they literally decorated their horses like they would a Christmas tree, they used tinfoil, ribbons, bows and anything else they could find!

The day ended by making Christmas cards using pics that were taken of their decorated horse.

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