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Week 33 - Germany

Week 33 – Germany

Monday morning, it was overcast again, but it was not a problem. We went to our boys, gave them some grass and water, and then we were off to a meeting with Guido and Bernd from Guido Klatte. Once again our boys’ results were positive, so we had to now make a few decisions. Guido and Bernd came up with a few good suggestions, and we will be checking them out this week. The best suggestion is that our boys stay at one of the ladies that work for him, and we can visit anytime we want. I am still praying that by the end of the year their results will be negative, and then we can fetch them. It is really hard to even think that it has come to this, but what can we do, accept the best in a bad situation. We prayed for a miracle, and I hope this is our miracle. Guido and his team have been absolutely wonderful through all this. In the afternoon we went to our boys to muck their stables and let them have their romp in the paddock – they thought we were crazy doing everything back to front today. Peri banged the door of his stable, because he was confused, and frustrated, because the carrots were not there at the right time – my spoilt boy is so demanding. Once everything was done, we tucked them in to bed for the night – then the sun came out – Wow!!! This weather is strange here.

Tuesday and Wednesday were really miserable days again. Our boys still had a good romp in the paddock, both of them getting really filthy. Peri has been a little depressed, but I am sure once everything is sorted out he will be a lot happier. Unfortunately Peri always picks up on my moods, and I have been down and confused, but I have realized I have to hand it over to the Lord, and just let Him take control of the situation.

Thursday morning I went to our boys with a relaxed and calm mind, and Peri picked up on it, and he is much happier. Once our boys had, had their romp in the paddock, and their stables were cleaned, we took them for a walk to nibble on some grass on the side of the sand road – they loved it. At 11am we went to meet Christina, and her brother Michael, and they have agreed to look after our boys for us, until we can have them re-tested at the end of the year. What lovely people – prepared to help a total stranger. The Lord has come through for us again; he has sent us fantastic people to help us. Our boys get to stay together, they will even share a stable – they will be so happy. The afternoon cycle to the boys was really hard – the wind was blowing really hard, but we made it, and they were happy to see us. I know our boys are going to be fine, I know they will be looked after, I know this is all the Lords plan, but why is my heart still so sore, and why do the tears just keep flowing. I also know I am going to miss the boys so so much.

Friday was an emotional day again, our boys were not very happy, and we were also down. I guess we have to get used to all the changes, and we have to accept the decisions we had to make. We know that the Lord has a plan, but it is hard to get through sometimes, but we have strength through Christ who strengthens us. We took our boys to eat grass again, and they thoroughly enjoyed it – they love being out. The wind was quite vicious again, so the cycle to and from the boys was quite a challenge to say the least. Once we had tucked our boys in for the night, and got back in doors, Kayla and I watched some old DVD’s (when her and Michael were babies) and it helped cheer us up.

Saturday morning it was really miserable, and raining. Once we got to our boys, it had stopped raining, and we went to let our boys out – the paddock had been fixed, so they now could have a run, and man did they run. Both boys were so happy, they ran up and down like absolute hooligans. I love seeing them happy. Needless to say it took forever to muck their stables, because we were too busy enjoying watching our boys playing. Once we had finished the stables, and got everything ready for our boys, it was time for them to come back in. Needless to say, Bailie just never knows when to stop, and once he got out the paddock, the little rubbish ran away, all over the lawns, but at least he came back to Peri. Once our boys were back in their stables, it took quite a while to get them clean again – both boys had a few good rolls in the mud. I must say that seeing our boys happily running around, really made me feel so much better. The afternoon was really nice and warm; in fact our boys were hot in their stables, so no more blankets.

Sunday morning was overcast, but by the time we got to our boys the sun was shining and it was already nice and warm, almost hot. Our boys had a good romp in the paddock, while we mucked their stables. We then washed both boys’ legs, they both needed it, and it was so nice and warm that they enjoyed the pampering. I also washed their blankets, so they have clean things when they go to their new home, tomorrow. Besides the wind Sunday was a lovely day.

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