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Week 32 - Germany

Week 32 – Germany

Monday morning, the sun was shining, it was so pretty. Our boys were able to play in the paddock, and streak. The two of them absolutely love chewing each other; it is so sweet to watch. The vet came today to take bloods, so we can move on. We and all our friends and family have been praying really hard for a negative result. We are trusting and believing that the results will be negative, so we can carry on, on our God given adventure to Canada. Once our boys were back in their stables for the day, we cycled home. Then it started to get windy and miserable. The afternoon cycle was also windy and miserable, but then at 7.30pm, the sun came back out, and it only went down well after 9pm. It is taking some getting used to, these strange daylight hours, I wonder what our boys are thinking, when we put them to bed when it is still light.

Tuesday morning, the sun was up again, but the wind was blowing quite hard, so our cycle to the boys was hectic, but at least the cycle back would be easy. After cleaning their stables and putting them back in for the day, we were off to town to get a few groceries. The cycle back was a lot easier, because the wind was more or less from the back. The afternoon cycle to our boys was again quite hectic, but worth it – we love going to cuddle with Peri and Bailie. After tucking our boys in for the night, it was time to cycle back – with the wind from behind, what a pleasure.

Wednesday was a lovely sunny morning, and the wind was not too bad for our cycle to the boys. Our boys were so happy to see us, and we them. There was a horse in their paddock, so we asked if we could put our boys in the grass paddock – there is a lot of construction in the paddock, so they don’t really want horses in there, but they agreed we could let our boys stay there while we mucked their stables. Both boys were so happy to see green grass again, and got straight down to some serious grazing – just as well they could not stay too long, we don’t need any laminitis from the green grass. It was so sweet to watch Bailie grazing, and then when he realized he was too far away from Peri, he would go storming back – they are so cute these boys of ours. When it was time to come back in, Peri was having none of this and would not let us catch him, but once Bailie started to leave the paddock Peri came running to us, he was not having us take his friend. Once they were back in their stables, both boys just stood resting, I think they both had enough to eat, and were ready to nap. When we got to our boys in the afternoon, they had hardly eaten any of their grass – I guess they wanted more green grass. We topped up the little they had eaten in their hay nets, gave them more water, and tucked them in for the night.

Thursday and Friday were a bit of a blur. Our boys were happy to romp in the sunshine in their paddock while we mucked their stables. On Thursday we got the news that the blood tests were positive, and that our boys could not go to Canada. This was such heart breaking news, and believe me the tears flowed a lot. After everything we have been through, to come to this. I got so many wonderful emails, and phone calls from friends and family, that I really felt loved, and they gave me strength. In between all the tears, emails and phone calls, I have realized that God has a plan, I am not sure what that plan is, but He has a plan for our lives, and our boys lives. By Friday afternoon I had started to feel a little better, not crying so much any more, and I decided that I would have to just leave it all in the Lord’s hands, He knows best. We have a meeting on Monday to see what we can do for our boys, and we are trusting the Lord for his guidance.

Saturday and Sunday were both quite overcast, and it rained on and off. Our boys enjoyed frolicking in the muddy paddock, they love getting dirty, maybe that is a ploy to get us to spend more time grooming them. The rest of the weekend was spent praying for a miracle in our lives, that we can get our boys to Canada.

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