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Our Third Week in Mauritius

We have now completed the third week in Mauritius. As usual we have had an eventful week, both by horses and humans.

The week started off with the humans having drama. We had no water for two and a half days – man did we smell, and it was not easy brushing teeth etc. with bottled water. Our horses did not mind the smell, because we smelled good to them as long as we had carrots in our hands, not quite sure what the other humans thought. Then on the third day we got back home after bathing our boys and deliberately wetting each other, to a flooded flat – you got it, from one extreme to the other, but at least we had water now. The plumber had left a valve open, but once that was sorted out we had a really well washed flat and were very happy to have the longest shower ever.

On Friday the official quarantine was over – now we were allowed to take our boys out of the stable yard. Rearing to get out of there, we went for a ride in the sugar cane fields on Saturday. Our two boys were really happy to get out, but after a little while it was evident that they were really unfit after all the standing around they had done in the last 6 weeks. So we just took a leisurely walk – the ground was really hard as well, very rocky, it almost looks like volcanic rock, but the sugarcane grows there really well. After about an hours walk, we could see the sea, WOW!!! That was so great, but by then our two boys were huffing and puffing, and Bailie’s feet were taking strain, so we had to give up on our quest to reach the sea. So Kayla and I hopped off, and led our two boys back to the stables stopping for a quick bite along the way.

On Sunday our boys had a pedicure (good trim). Both boys enjoyed their treatment and both have absolutely gorgeous feet again.

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