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Week 11 in Mauritius

Week 11 in Mauritius

Monday morning we were up early to start another week in Mauritius. After picking grass, we were off to the sea, to take our boys for a swim. It was a wonderful swim, the first time we have been able to actually swim, because the tide was high enough. What a wonderful way to start the week.

Tuesday morning we were off for a ride. After a ride through the forest, we went on the beach, and it was high tide – so no cantering today. As we were walking down the beach in the water, we found a really nice spot to walk in the sea – no coral. So in we went, and suddenly the horses were swimming – thank goodness we have synthetic saddles. We decided this was the best place, so we went back to the stables, took off our saddles and came back to our special spot to swim. And what a fantastic swim that was, the best swim ever. There was a big channel between the coral, with nothing that could hurt the horses, and they could actually swim. We raced in and out, with our boys leaping through the water. Bailie even tried being a submarine, with only his eyes and ears sticking out of the water. After the swim our boys had a good roll on the beach. This was the best day ever.

Wednesday we were off to swim again, now that we found such a nice spot, we not going to miss one day there. We showed the grooms our new spot, and it was really great, all 11 horses could swim without crashing into each other, we all had tons of fun. The grooms went back with a second batch of horses, and we took little Rascal, while our two boys grazed in their “stringy” paddock. Rascal is not a water fan, he would much rather be on land.

All this swimming in the sea takes a huge toll on our tack, so we have to rinse our bridles everytime we swim, and then every second day we have clean and oil the bridles really well.

Thursday we had another fantastic swim, and I persuaded Kayla to ride Bailie to the sea, and she did it, she actually trusted Bailie enough to ride him, and it was really fun the two of us riding bareback, swimming and riding back. The tide was not as high, but we still had some good fun, Bailie still managed to swim, and Peri got some water on his back, when a wave hit him. When we got back, our boys were put in their paddock, and we went to oil bridles, again – looks like we will have to do it every day from now on. We then found a little bunny rabbit, he is so cute, but after a closer inspection we found his little back leg was broken off, and was just dangling there. Rascal was really wanting to play with the bunny, but we could not allow that. So Lindy got a frantic call, and she told us what to do to help the bunny, and she will come and collect him on Sunday. We are now treating Bunny, and he seems to be OK – he is eating and drinking, so hopefully that is a good sign. He will unfortunately never be able to use the part of his leg that is broken – poor little guy.

Friday we woke up to lovely rain, and were so happy, but unfortunately it does not rain long, and by the time we had finished picking grass it was over, and man!!! then it gets hot, so we went swimming again – it was not high tide, but we still had lots of cool fun. Kayla rode Bailie the whole way again, so she did not have to dance on the hot sand. The rest of the day was spent just getting a few thing done around the stables and our cottage.

Saturday morning we were off to swim again, but it was low tide, so we had to really look for deep spots, but we did have fun. This swimming in our new spot is the absolute best. In the afternoon, Peri had to get a bath, he has got a skin condition from the heat, so we have to keep him clean – the sweat on him is a problem, and the poor boy sweats so much in this heat. We just have to keep washing him, and he should be fine. I am so glad we are not going to be here in February, as we have been told by everybody just how hot it can get here, I think humans and horses would surely melt in that heat, as we are already melting around the edges.

Sunday morning was a very sad morning, we got a call from Tony, that Amarula had passed away. Needless to say Kayla and I just burst out crying, Amarula was our first baby at Nickweb Stud, and had a very special place in our hearts. Our deapest sympathies go out to Tony and his family, I am sure they will also miss Amarula a lot, as he creeps pretty deep into your heart. Rest in Peace Rula, we will all miss you.

Sue, Lindy’s friend came to visit, and took little Bunny, so that he can get the correct treatment for his leg. He was such a brave and good little bunny, we going to miss him.

Well that concludes another weak in Mauritius, we now only have two more weeks left.

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