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Week 12 in Mauritius

Week 12 in Mauritius

On Monday we were up bright and early, ready to go for our swim in the sea. So off we went to pick grass, and then off to the sea we went. Unfortunately it was low tide – really low tide, so it was a little disappointing, but we did manage to get wet and so did our boys. So all in all it was not bad, but we looking forward to Friday when it is spring tide. Kayla and Rascal had a siesta in the afternoon, and as you can see they both enjoyed it.

Tuesday and Wednesday were really quiet days, our boys just grazed in their paddocks, got groomed, got their feathers washed – Tuesday was Peri’s turn and Wednesday was Bailie’s turn. They looked so good with their lovely white feathers, and shiny coats, it was so sad when they went to roll in the paddock – O’well I guess that is why we humans are here, to keep on cleaning and pampering our boys.

Thursday morning we woke up to rain – glorious rain!!!! It was so nice. As soon as our boys had eaten breakfast, we took them out to graze and play in the rain, and they loved it. While our boys were grazing, we went to pick their grass, and while we were out, the heavens opened, and as I said Rascal hates being wet, so he climbed in under the feed bags, to stay dry, it was so sweet. Once we had filled the other bags, Rascal had to walk back in the rain, he really was not impressed. When we got back to the stables, the grooms had brought our boys in, and were busy drying them off – man what treatment. Needless to say we were sopping wet, and so was Rascal – not a problem to Rascal, he just went to the stables, where a groom and a towel awaited his arrival. There was no treatment like that for us, I am not quite sure where we went wrong. This was the first day since we here that we have had rain the whole day, and we all just loved it, sorry all of us but one – Rascal. The vampires (vet) also came to suck blood from our boys, for the final set of blood tests before leaving to Germany. Wow!!! It is getting close now.

Friday morning we were off to the sea to swim, the sea was very choppy, but the tide was not as high as we had expected it to be. We still had lots of fun swimming, or should I say plowing through the little waves. In the afternoon Nalanie (a South African friend) was kind enough to take us to the vet to get Rascal his last lot of shots, so now he is just about ready to fly. In the evening we went to Nalanie and her family for dinner, we had boerewors rolls (never thought I would miss meat so much), and they were really good. We had a wonderful evening, and it was so nice to be able to talk to other South Africans that understand our slang.

Saturday morning we were off to swim, and this was the most amazing swim of them all. It was high tide, and there were waves, so Peri and Bailie went leaping through the waves into the deepest part, and then would swim, then we came back to the beach, where we turned around, and went leaping and jumping back into the waves. What an awesome swim, I think this one topped the best swim charts. In the afternoon we gave our boys a really good bath, and they were then all beautiful and shiny, for how long, I am not sure, probably just until the first sand patch.

Sunday we wanted to go and swim, but unfortunately there were too many people, so we were not allowed on the beach – so sad. So our boys had the day to just graze around. Us, humans started sorting things out for the trip to Germany – It is only a week away now.

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