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Week 13 - Our final week in Mauritius

Week 13, Our final week in Mauritius

Monday morning we were all excited to go and swim the horses, after all we missed Sunday’s swim, and we really need to make the best of what we have while we have it. So after picking grass, we were all hot and sweaty, and the horses were also hot, so a swim was just what we needed. It was high tide, and we had a fabulous swim. Our boys are enjoying it more every time, and so are we – after all it is so nice and cool in the water. In the afternoon Lindy came to visit Arusha, and bring a few things for his trip, and they fed him carrots – needless to say Peri and Bailie were having none of this, so they demanded carrots as well, and like usual their demands were met. O’ what it is to be a horse. In the evening we went to Nalanie for dinner – wow!! What a “lekker” meal, we could get used to this, and she will never get rid of us. We had another wonderful evening with her and her family. Thanks Nalanie.

Tuesday morning was a scorcher, so we picked grass very slowly – this heat makes you lazy, I am not sure how people here manage to work the whole day. After picking grass, we were off to cool off in the sea with our boys. It was a great swim, it was high tide, and there were a few nice swells in the sea. Bailie decided that sitting in the sea is a cool thing to do, so he would sit down, and then after a few seconds, just before his head goes under the water, he would leap into the air. Needless to say Kayla had to hang on for dear life, because when he leaps out of the sea, she slides off. While Bailie was sitting all the time, Peri and I were swimming around, and I decided to try Peri surfing – that was so cool, even falling afterwards was fun. We must have swam for a full hour, we were all enjoying it so much. It was quite an art getting the pictures because we had to ride in the sea with the camera, very nerve racking, but it survived and we got some cool pictures.

Wednesday morning we were off to swim again, this time we met Nalanie, and her children, Hanna and Jordan. Nalanie was privileged to ride Peri in the sea, and her daughter Hanna rode Bailie. It was fun having somebody to share our precious moments in the sea with. I then took my Peri surfing to the next level, and managed to stand, and thank goodness Nalanie got some pictures or nobody would believe me. She also got some pictures of me crashing in the water after falling off, but they had to be censored, I can’t put pictures of bums in my blog J After our swim, our boys went to graze, while we tried to pack for the next move – I know it all fitted when we came, but somehow it does not fit anymore.

Thursday morning we were up even earlier than the birds, to get grass picked for our boys, so we would be ready to leave to take Rascal to the state vet for his final check up before he flies. What a story, typical government department. At last by midday we got everything done, and now the agent can apply for his export permit. In the afternoon, we went to swim our boys in the sea. We met Nalanie and Hanna there, and they swam while Kayla and I swam with our boys. I did a little more Peri surfing, but it is nicer when it is high tide – you guessed it, it was low tide. In the evening Nalanie and her husband Anton and kids came to fetch us to go out to dinner. Pizzas yipee!!!! What a lovely evening, we are really being spoilt rotten.

Friday morning we were up early, the aircon was broken, so we were way too hot to stay in bed. We picked extra grass for Sunday, so that we can concentrate on getting things packed and leaving, instead of picking grass. Then we were off to the sea for a swim, we were not sure if this would be our last swim, so we had to make the most of it. The sea was really rough, and it was so wonderful splashing through the waves. When we got back, our boys were put on the track to graze, while we got little Rascal ready for his flight. At 10.30 Nalanie came to collect us to take us to the airport. I don’t know what we would have done without Nalanie’s help – Thanks Nalanie. After getting lost, trying to find the cargo section, we eventually made it by 1pm. We met our agent there, and he did all the formalities (they like that word here), and at 2pm Rascal was taken on a forklift to the truck (him and his box only weighed 9kg, and they needed to use a forklift) This was the most heart sore part, saying goodbye, he cried, and we cried, what a teary story. At 10.30pm, I got confirmation that little Rascal had made it to SA, and was in a cosy kennel for the evening, so then we could go to sleep knowing our little boy was safe and sound.

We were up bright and early on Saturday morning – this our last day of picking grass J. When we got back, the stables were opened and we could take our boys out. I noticed that Peri had cut his leg, and that the lead across his door was broken, so I asked the grooms what had happened, and they told me they had no idea, but when they opened the stables, Peri was out in the passage of the barn. I was so surprised, as none of the other horses made a sound, and apparently Peri was just standing outside the feed room – only my horse. Peri knows we are going to be moving again, and he is getting nervous – he is such a sensative horse. We could not swim early, as the state vet had to come and check our horses, and do his inspection. At about 10.30 everybody was gone, and we could make a “b” line to the sea. It was high tide, with lots of waves, so we had a fantastic time. It was then time to do laundry and get some of the last things packed for the great trek on Sunday.

Kelso and Cisca went to visit Rascal at the kennels while he was waiting for his next flight, and sent us some pictures of our little boy in SA – Thanks Guys. They also bought Rascal some treats – spoilt little brat. It was so nice to know that our little guy was safe and sound. His flight to Frankfurt left at 19h40, and then he overnights at the doggie hotel, then to Vancouver, then only goes to Regina where Klaus will pick him up. Poor little guy is going to be quite the traveller when he gets to Canada.

I am going to end this week here, because there will be no time on Sunday to send emails, or update blogs, so that is all folks - for this week

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