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Week 15 - Germany

Week 15, In Germany

Monday morning we woke up to a great surprise, it had snowed during the night. It looked so pretty, and we were really looking forward to introducing our boys to the snow. When we rode our bikes to the stables on the ice on the roads, it made really funny clicking sounds. Once at the stables, we tacked up our boys and went for a ride in the snow. Bailie was totally freaked out about this white stuff on the ground, so he spent the whole ride hopping around. Peri just took it all in his stride, and even nibbled on some grass on the side of the pathway. The funniest thing Peri did was talk to the Peri in the window – it was so funny, we had to ride past the windows to the indoor arena, and Peri saw his reflection, did he get excited – He neighed, and pranced around to flirt with the horse in the window – He was so cute.

Tuesday morning there was even more snow, it had snowed all night. We went to the stables, but could not ride as the snow was very icy, and it became very slippery. We let our boys have a romp in the indoor lunge ring, then we gave them a really good groom, put back their blankets and let them chill in their stables, for the rest of the day. We also got to see Klatte’s truck, up close and personal – man it is stunning!!!!

Wednesday morning it was raining and all the snow had melted. We went to the stables, and by the time we got there the sun was shinning, and it was a lovely day. I gave Peri a manacure (rounded off all the chips on his feet, and oiled them really well). We then let our boys have a romp in the lunge ring, before letting them go and have lunch. Kayla and I caught a bus and went to see the town of Cloppenburg.

Thursday morning it was raining again, so we took our time going to our boys, we were hoping it would clear up – no such luck, it just carried on drizzeling. I gave Bailie his manicure, and after that we let our boys out in a paddock, which was grass once, but now is mud, and they had an absolute blast. They ran up and down like hooligans. After they had played for a while, it was time to bring them in and get them cleaned up. We hosed off their legs, and under carraiges, but groomed the rest clean, we did not want them to catch cold. While we were grooming our boys, Mickey the cat got even more brave, and jumped onto Bailie’s back. The staff at the stables told us that he usually sits on Peri’s back all afternoon – so now our boys have their own quarantine cat. While we were at the stables, a huge truck came in, and off loaded carrots, they had to use a pallet jack to get them all off the truck – I have never seen so many carrots in one place. The horses are really spoilt here. Once we were finished at the stables we decided to go and visit the local tack shop – yip!!! We rode our bikes 10km each way, in the drizzle to go and see what we could get our boys for Christmas. Going there was easy, it was mostly down hill, but coming home was mostly up hill, and man did we feel the burn. Once back at the B&B we were quite happy to just chill – we were both “pooped”.

Friday morning we were off to the stables to check if the blanket I had bought Peri would fit him, and it did, he now has a lovely duvet blanket, with a fluffy under blanket. We have ordered one for Bailie, and hopefully we can go and pick it up next week some time, we just got to find a day when the tack shop is open between all the holidays. After Peri’s fitting session, we let our boys run in the muddy paddock, and then we had to give them a good groom. While I was oiling Peri’s feet, the cat Mikey decided to come and check that I was doing a good job, he just climbed up my back onto my shoulder and then climbed down my front to check the hoof – he is such a cute cat.

Saturday we went to see our boys, and then we went to get a few groceries before all the shops closed for the Christmas weekend. When we got back there was a parcel for us. The parcel was from Roz, our dear friend in Ireland, what a surprise, our one and only Christmas present, Kayla and I were like little kids opening it. In the evening we were invited to dinner by the owners of the B&B we are staying at, and it was really a lovely evening, they are such nice people.

Sunday morning and Christmas day – the weather was miserable, so we went to our boys, we mucked their stables – the grooms do not muck stables on Christmas Day, gave our boys a good groom, lots of grass and treats. When we were finished at the stables we went back to the B&B, and watch DVD’s until about 3pm, when we went back to our boys to blanket them and say goodnight. Peri got to wear his new blanket. It gets dark between 4 and 4.30pm, so we like to be back by then. Otherwise we had a quiet relaxing day, we missed our family and friends though. :-(

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