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Week 16 - Germany

Week 16 In Germany

Monday morning we went to the stables, it was raining and miserable, but Kayla and I and our boys are enjoying the cooler weather. We let our boys out in the muddy paddock, and they had a ball. Both of them rolled, so when we brought them in they had to be hosed off – at least the water was warm, then we put on their day sheets to keep them warm until they dried. While we were at the stables the one groom showed us the little Zebra’s that had come in to also start quarantine to be moved to Indonesia – they were so sweet. We then went back to the B&B to pack, because we were going to go to Sweden on Tuesday to visit my Mom and sister. In the afternoon we went to our boys again, to make sure they were warm and dry – they were, so we blanketed them for the night, and gave them a big kiss goodbye. I had to explain to Peri what was happening, so that he would behave while we were gone.

Tuesday morning we were up really early to catch a bus to the train station, and then a train to Bremen station, then a tram to Bremen Airport, then a plane to Amsterdam, then another plane to Copenhagen, where we got picked up by Mom and Lindy. We then had to go on a ferry from Denmark to Sweden. I guess we have now traveled on all modes of transport in one day. It was so nice to see Mom and Lindy again. Lindy cooked a great dinner, and we were off to bed.

Wednesday morning we were awake early – I thought we would have slept in a little, but no such luck, I guess we are just missing our boys. We just relaxed and went to the local shopping mall. In the evening we went to some of Linda’s friends, for a traditional Swedish dinner, which was really nice, but we ate way too much! Thursday and Friday we spent the days just relaxing, and playing games with my Mom and sister. We also had one night with no wind, where we could let a lantern fly, with Linda, Ole and Mom. It was really nice to just chill and enjoy the company of our family. This is the first time in 5 months that we have not been with Peri and Bailie every day, and it really was strange.

Saturday morning we left at 12.30 to catch a train at 1.00am. We caught the train, just to find out we caught it in the wrong direction, so we had to get off at the next stop, so Linda could fetch us, and then there were no other trains to get us to the airport on time, so Linda had to take us. We went on the ferry again, and Kayla and I braved the cold icy weather and went out on deck to see the lovely lights, which were really beautiful. Once at the airport, we reversed the whole process we did on Tuesday, plane, tram, train and bus, then we were back at the B&B. The plan was to stay up to see the New year in, but that never happened, we both fell asleep and woke up a year later.

Happy New Year

Sunday morning – New years day, after breakfast I went to see our boys, was Peri glad to see me. Needless to say, he got lots of spoils and treats, a good wash, lots of grass and bunch of carrots. I then groomed Bailie, and gave him treats and carrots. Kayla had stomach ache, so she stayed in bed for the day. The rest of the day was spent just loafing around, we also did some packing, because we are moving to a flat for the rest of our stay in Germany. We are now in 2012, and this year we will be getting to Canada at last, where we will be together with our human boys – Klaus and Michael, which we have missed so very much.

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