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Week 17 - Germany

Monday was a very busy day for us humans in Germany. We went to our horses in the morning as usual, and Bailie’s under blanket (his Christmas present) had arrived, so we had to try that on, and it fitted him like a glove. Kayla wanted German colours for him, so that is what he got. Then we were moved to our new house, which is really lovely. After all the luggage was moved, we were dropped off at the B&B to collect Kayla’s bicycle. It had a puncture, so we went to the garage to pump it, only to find out that it was not going to work. We got directions to a bicycle shop, and had the tyre repaired, now it was a get to the stables, to fetch my bike. So Kayla rode her bike, and I had to walk. When we got to the stables we groomed our boys, and then were on our way to our new home – or so I thought. It was now my turn, my Bicycle had a puncture. We managed to pump it enough to ride home, which is 4km from the stables, and it was then flat again. Kayla and I then decided to fix it, and once the tube was out we realized it was beyond repair, so Kayla rode to the shop and bought another one. The problem is that the tube had a French valve, and the pump did not fit, so back Kayla went to look for a pump, but came home empty handed, she could not communicate with the shop keeper, so off I went with Kayla, and we got an adapter for our pump. After about half an hour we could not get the tire pumped, and realized the pump we had was faulty, so we would just have to wait for morning to pump the wheel.

On Tuesday morning we were up early, and Kayla went to the shop to get a pump, and at last we managed to get my bicycles tyre pumped – at last. We saw the most amazing sunrise from my bedroom window. Then we rode to the stables, with a wind from the front, and rain, it took forever – at one stage we had to walk because the wind nearly blew us backwards.When we got to the stables, they had already loaded our horses, so that they can move to the quarantine stables, so our bikes were loaded up, and we hopped in the front of the truck and away we went. The stables are really 5 star, and our boys settled in quite well, they got to play in the lunge ring, which will be theirs to play in while it is raining. All the paddocks are swimming pools after all the rain. We then had to go shopping for some groceries, but we can only buy enough to go on our bikes, so not too much was bought. We then rode back home, and the wind was from the back now, so the ride home was not too bad. We now have to ride +- 8km each way too and from the stables – damn it is far, I hope we are going to get fit.

Wednesday morning was a beautiful morning, no rain, no wind and sunshine. We went to our boys, and the ride there was so enjoyable, we stopped on the way to get carrots – at the quarantine station, they don’t get carrots – poor boys. By the time we got to the stables our boys were already out in the lunge ring, or should I say in, in the lunge ring? They had both had a good roll, and were covered in mud. We took our boys out to the paddock, to let them graze, but we had to keep them on leads, so that they don’t run around and tear up the grass. Our boys thoroughly enjoyed the grass, they have not had such nice green grass for a long time. Unfortunately the wind came up again and we got cold, so after half an hour we went back in. Then it was time to get our boys clean, and what a job that was. On our way home, my bicycle got another puncture – man what a pain, so I walked home again.

Thursday morning we started our great walk, pushing bikes. It was about 10km’s, to the bicycle shop, and the wind blew all the way, it took about 2 hours to get to the stables. Our boys were so glad to see us, because we were an hour late, they probably thought we were not coming to see them. After grooming and playing with our boys, we had to go back to the bicycle shop to collect our bikes, but there was a storm, so Barbara the stable manager took us to the shop. We then bought a few groceries, and headed home, on our fixed bikes. The rain had stopped, but the wind was still blowing. When we went over the bridge, we were both blown off our bikes, and had to push them over, then we managed to ride again, but every time we came to a field with no shelter, the wind would blow us off the path, it was quite a funny ride, people must have thought we were drunk, riding all over the show. We eventually arrived home, safe and sound.

Friday morning, and would you believe it, Kayla’s bike had a flat wheel. So we managed to pump it to get us a little way, and then we had to pump it again, so after 3 more tire pumps we made it to the bike man, and he fixed it for us – it looks like he pinched the tube when he put on the new tyre on Thursday. Once the tyre was fixed we were off to the stables, and when we were nearly there we remembered we had forgotten to buy carrots and treats, so we made a U-turn and off to the shops we went. Eventually we made it to our boys, who were already in the lunge ring. We brought them in, groomed them and then we rode them in the lunge ring, just a walk and a little trot, they have been out of work for so long, we will have to be careful what we do, until they are fit again. We enjoyed playing around with them as well. We then gave them a good groom and we also gave them their carrots. While we were there, three Ardenner Draft horses were brought in; they are on their way to China. Man!!! Are they broad, they are about Peri’s height, but about double as wide – they are gorgeous. They are apparently on their way to China as working horses. Then it was the ride home, it was raining and the wind was blowing – I have to tell you that rain hits very hard when it is pushed by wind. We got home looking like drowned rats, but a warm shower and a good change of clothes, and we were all warm and dry again.

Saturday morning it was raining – surprise!!!! We waited for the rain to ease off a little before we rode to our horses – and yes!!!! No flat wheels J. Once we were there, we gave Peri’s legs a good wash, and just spent some time with our boys. Kayla is trying to teach Bailie to bow on one knee, and he is slowly getting it right. Peri is starting to bend his knees for his bow, but he is still not quite sure that he should be doing these strange things. After grooming our boys, it was time to head back home. We went into town to get a few things, carrots and treats for the boys was also on the list. Once we were finished at the shops, our bikes were fully loaded, and we were on our way – and surprise down came the rain and the wind started – what a ride home that was. Why is it that the wind is always from the front? When we got home we were both drenched and frozen, but nothing, a warm shower could not sort out.

Sunday morning the heavens were really open, and the rain was belting down, so we took our time getting ready, and we sat and hovered for about half an hour, then the rain stopped and we were on our way, as fast as possible, there was no way we wanted to get wet on the way to the horses, there is no warm shower there. We made it!!! – Dry and in record time. We just pampered our boys, not that they needed it, but we had to just do it anyway. Bailie got his feet oiled, and Peri got a good groom and massage. Once we were finished we rode home, and yes!!!! We got there dry; we had beaten the rain again – yippee!!!! We spent the afternoon washing grooming bags, grooming kits and girths, and then settled in to watch a few DVD’s. We are now ready for another week in Germany.

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