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Week 19 - Germany

Week 19 – Germany

Monday morning we woke up to a white wonderland – it was covered in frost – it was so pretty, but cold. The ride to our boys was really pretty, no wind, so we could enjoy every little bit of the white country side. Our boys were happy to see us, and thoroughly enjoyed the groom, and loves and kisses. I miss having them right on my door step. After leaving our boys, we went to town to get a few things, the thermometer at the bank said it was -2 degrees. We are enjoying the cold, and so are our boys.

Tuesday morning was sunny but cold – at least there was no rain. We rode to our boys, and then spent time with them, groomed them and gave them carrots. At lunch time Barbara took us with her to lunch – it was really great. Then she took us to a little tack shop, but unfortunately it was closed, so we will have to try another time. Barbara then took us back to the stables, where we gave our boys a kiss, and we got on our bikes and rode home. When we got back home, we had an email from Anne, saying our luggage was sorted out – thanks Anne. Things are all falling into place – Thank the Lord!

Wednesday morning was very cold, but the skies were clear, I can not say sunny, but no rain. We rode to our boys, and when we got there, Barbara had found a leather Halter that fitted Peri, so now Peri has another halter. It is so amazing to find things that fit my boy. Barbara has been such a help. All the people at Guido Klatte have been fantastic, and the best part is they speak English, so we know what is going on. Then later the repair man came back with the repairs, and Peri’s girth that needed repairing was repaired – Barbara also organised that for us as well. Looks like we are going to have everything in tip top shape when we get to Canada.

Thursday morning it was back to rain – so we got wet riding to our boys. Our boys, the cat – Gangster and the dog – Napo were all happy to see us. Maybe not us so much as the treats we come with. Our boys got good groom, and we sorted out our boys boxes. Then we were spoilt by Barbara, she gave us each a Guido Klatte numnah – and they are so beautiful. We have been really spoilt here in Germany. Our ride home was good, it had stopped raining and was really pleasant.

Friday morning, it looked quite dull outside, and we thought there was going to be rain again, so we got prepared to get wet. Just before we left to our boys, the heavens opened, but not with rain, it was sleet, and in 5 minutes the whole place was white. Kayla and I rode in the sleet; it was so “cool” in more ways than one. By the time we got to our boys, the sleet had stopped, and it started to clear up – not sunshine but no more angry clouds. We spent time with our boys, and gave them a groom, played with them, and gave them carrots, and then it was the ride back home. By now the sun was shining, and all evidence of our white wonderland was gone.

Saturday morning it was raining quite a bit, and we got really wet on our trip to our boys. Once at our boys, we gave Peri’s legs his weekly wash, after all we were already wet. It is quite amazing how much warmer it is, when it is overcast. By the time we left our boys we were just getting dry, and as Barbara pointed out, it was time to get wet again. We rode home in the rain, and by the time we got home we were a couple of drowned rats. After changing into dry clothes, the rest of the afternoon was spent patching Bailie’s blanket – just as well he has two, so he can stay warm while I repair his other blanket. Talking about blankets, it is really sad to see all the lovely blankets and tack here, and not having enough money to buy all the things we want. We have at least managed to get a few things we needed for our boys, and a few spoils.

Sunday morning it was raining again, so our ride to our boys was wet again – you would think we were used to getting wet by now. After grooming our boys, Kayla tried on Bailie’s new German halter – it is the colours of the German flag, then she dressed him in his German “clothing”. Kayla loves the German colors, and Bailie looks so “sexy” in them. We then groomed a little Gypsy Vanner that is on her way to Sydney – I just loved her long mane, and sweet personality – I wanted to keep her! It was then time to go home, in the rain.

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