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Week 23 - Germany

Week 23 – Germany

Monday morning it was white with snow, and the temperature was 0 degrees – nice and warm. The ride to our boys was really nice, very little wind. Our boys were happy to see us – Peri banging on the stable door like usual. Our boys enjoyed their time out in the paddock, after all it was nice and warm. The little buggers actually escaped, they managed to open the paddock gate, but not a problem, they went straight to the first patch of green grass, where we caught them. By the time we went home, all the snow was melted and there was water dripping off everything – the temperature was +5 degrees. Then it started raining, fortunately we were already in doors. By the time we went to our boys in the afternoon, it had stopped raining, but it was starting to get colder. We had to go via the Klatte offices, on our way to our boys, to pick up a parcel that Roz had sent – DVD’s lots of them J On the way from the offices to our boys, it started raining again, softly but it was still raining. After we tucked our boys in we braved the rain, and cycled home.

Tuesday morning the weather was miserable, but at least it was not raining. Our boys were happy to go out while we mucked their stables. It was quite warm, at 3 degrees, so they were not in too much of a hurry to come in. Once they were finished running around they were happy to come in and have their grass. The afternoon cycle was interesting, a little rain, a little wind, but not too cold. Once our boys were all tucked in, we were off home again.

Wednesday was miserable and rainy – on and off, most of the day. When we got to our boys in the morning, it stopped raining long enough to let them out while we mucked their stables, needless to say the paddock was very muddy, and our boys had to roll, blankets and all. It takes us longer to “groom” their blankets than it does to groom them – at least they have fun. Our boys still have “snotty” noses in the mornings, but nothing during the day, so that is a good sign. When we went to them in the afternoon, the sun stuck it’s head out for about half an hour, then it was gone again, so we tucked our boys up for bed and went home.

Thursday morning the sun was shining, and we were looking forward to having a sun shine day – but that was not to be, by the time we got to our boys, it was miserable again, and drizzling. Our boys went out in between rainy patches, and managed to get really messy – I guess they just love it. So once again it took quite a while to clean their blankets. The rest of the day was spent sewing up Peri’s blanket – Yes! You guessed it, these two boys are having turns ripping their blankets. In the late afternoon, we took the repaired blanket back to the stables.

Friday morning it was wet and rainy again – we are getting used to cycling in the rain now. Our boys were really wanting out, and thoroughly enjoyed playing in the paddock – needless to say both of them were really dirty when it was time to come in. It took a really long time to get their blankets clean – seriously I wish we had enough money to buy them paddock blankets. We had to go into town twice today, to fetch a parcel and to get some carrots for our “starving” boys, unfortunately we only found out about the parcel after we had gone shopping. Our boys really enjoyed their carrots before they were tucked up for the night.

Saturday was rainy and miserable again – I miss the sun, and the wind was blowing. It was quite warm though at 6 degrees, so our boys enjoyed running around the paddock in the mud, getting dirty. After mucking their stables they were brought in, and the great groom started again – blankets, legs, feet and body. By lunch time we were finished, and off we went home, just to have to cycle back in the afternoon in the wind, so we can tuck our babies in for the night – spoilt brats. Once our boys were tucked in, and given some carrots, we were on our way home again.

Sunday morning there was wind, lots of it, just to make our lives a little more interesting. We ran out of airtime – the silly thing just says it is finished, no warning, so we decided to ride into town – against the wind, to topup, just to realize it is Sunday and everything is closed – man!!! why can’t we get that right. By the time we got to our boys, it was raining, so we did their water and grass while they were in their stables, then the rain stopped, and they could go and play – what a mess. Our boys had a really good time, before we brought them in to get cleaned up. Then it was time to give Bailie his well needed Pedicure, what a job, but his feet look really sexy again. On the cycle home, it started sleeting, and man! does it sting when the wind is blowing. In the afternoon the sun stuck it’s head out, and we had a dry but windy cycle to our boys. Once they had everything for the night (grass and water), we were on our way home – and yes! The wind was still blowing – what is it with this wind?

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