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Week 24 - Still Germany

Week 24 – Germany

Monday morning it was cold and miserable to start off, but by 9am, the sun was shining, and it was a beautiful day. Once we got to our boys, we let them out to play in the sun – not often we can let them do that – they loved it. Our boys were happy to go back into their stables though, because that is where their food is. Once we were finished at the stables we went into town, to get airtime and groceries – at least the wind was from behind on the way home. Just before we went to our boys in the afternoon it started to get gloomy, so we rushed off – peddling like crazy. We blanketed our boys, gave them water and grass, and then rushed home again – but it never rained, so we peddled like crazy for nothing.

Tuesday morning it was rainy, cold and windy – no more sunshine. We had quite a hard cycle to our boys, but they were so happy to see us. The rain let up enough for our boys to go out in the paddock, and they had lots of fun. There was a machine cutting down trees, and our boys ran around like hooligans every time a tree fell. Once our boys were back in their stables, Bailie carried on watching the trees being cut down, most of the day.

Wednesday morning we had two very happy boys – it is the first time since they got sick, that they are 100%, cheerful and alive. They both had a very rough night, both their stables were disgusting – wet and full of bombs. It took really long to get them clean, but eventually they both had clean dry stables. Both boys were happy to come in, and both started eating the clean straw and playing with it – they are both fine at last. Peri started banging for lunch, earlier than usual – all the good feelings are making him hungry. In the afternoon Peri really pushed his boundaries, by stepping just outside his stable, he is really feeling better now.

Thursday started really cold and miserable, it was raining when we went to our boys. By the time we got the stables, the sun had started sticking it’s head out, and our boys could go out for a long time. When they came in we only put their one blanket on, and only on the afternoon visit did we put their second blankets on again. Kayla and I rode around with no jackets, it was really nice to be lighter in your travels. Our boys had to have it explained to them to stop banging while we leave, so we gave them carrots to keep them occupied – they are definitely on the mend. O’ Almost forgot, Bailie escaped from his stable while Kayla was going to put his halter on, and ran around the garden like a lunetic – If both got out then, there would have been trouble. Our boys are getting naughty.

Friday was wet, wet again! The cycle to and from our boys both times was really not pleasant – the wind was really strong, and the rain stings when the wind is blowing. Our boys were happy to see us, and really enjoyed their romp in the paddock – they love getting dirty, because then we stay longer with them, getting them clean. Once we had done our morning duties – grass, water, mucking stables and grooming horses, we had to cycle to town to get groceries, especially carrots for our boys. At least on the way home from town the wind was from behind, which made the cycle with the extra weight easier. Although it was wet and windy the temperature was quite warm at 10 degrees, so at least we were wet, but not cold.

Saturday was a beautiful sunny day – yippee!!! The wind was not too bad, and our cycle to and from our boys was not bad at all. The whole neighbourhood was out in force, cutting down trees, pruning trees and working in Gardens – Wow! I guess spring is on its way. Our boys could also smell the spring in the air, because the two of them went running around the paddock like two crazy horses. We let them stay out a little longer than normal, until they decided to come in on their own – their stomachs always bring them back to the gate. Both our boys are looking so happy, and are nearly totally over their colds – Peri still has a cough every once in a while and a snotty nose, from time to time, but nothing serious.

Sunday morning it was really miserable again, but by lunch time the sun had chased away all the dark clouds, and continued shining the rest of the day. Our boys had a good romp in the paddock before they went back in their stables to eat, while we cleaned them up. The cycle to and from our boys was quite pleasant although still windy. On the way home from our boys, we stopped to take some pictures of the sun and scenery – it was just so nice to see the sun two days in a row.

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