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Week 25 - Germany

Week 25 – Germany

Monday morning was wet – wet yet again, and so was our cycle to our boys. Our boys had a quick run out in the paddock, we did not want them getting too wet – at least their blankets are waterproof. After mucking stables and grooming our boys it was time to go shopping – yuck, but we need food. This whole exercise was also very wet, but we eventually did get home to dry off. At least the afternoon cycle to our boys was not bad, it had stopped raining, but was still miserable. After tucking our boys up for the night we were on our way home.

Tuesday was pretty much the same as Monday, the only difference is that we did not have to go into town – we bought enough groceries and carrots for the week on Monday. Our boys had to have a quick run around in the paddock, because of the rain, but as long as they have grass in their stables they are happy to come in – always thinking of their stomachs.

Wednesday morning at the crack of dawn I got a call from Klaus and Mom, Mom had arrived safely in Canada and is with Klaus – what great news to wake up to. The weather was miserable once again, with us getting wet going and coming from our boys. Our boys had a blast running around in the paddock in the wet; they seem to get extra energy in this weather. Once they were back inside, groomed and given grass and water, we had to go back into town to pick up some documents, so we got even wetter. The cycle back home was also wet, but there was one consolation, at least there was very little wind. The cycle to our boys in the afternoon was not as wet; it was just drizzling and misty. At the stables there is a cat that has learned that we have treats in our boxes, so she is always there waiting for more – She is so cute. After tucking our boys up for the night, we cycled home and changed into dry clothes – that was really nice.

Thursday – Spring day here in Germany. Although it is rainy and miserable, the temperatures are definitely warmer. Our boys are getting hot with their thick blankets on, so we have had to start putting their old SA blankets back on at night, because they are thinner. Peri made such a mess of his stable – I am not sure where he got all the water, but he made the stable so wet it was disgusting, so a spring clean was the order of the day. After taking out 90% of his bedding, and refilling his stable, it smelled and looked so much better, even Peri liked it – he was waiting to come in as we finished. Once our boys were back in their stables, groomed, grassed and watered, we cycled back home – on the way there were lots of people planting new flowers and cleaning gardens – they take spring seriously here. The cycle to our boys in the afternoon was misty with a fine rain, but not bad at all. Our boys were happy to get their carrots, and then it was time for us to go home for the evening.

Friday was misty and windy, but at least no rain. On the way to the stables Kayla got a flat wheel, so she pushed her bike the rest of the way. Our boys enjoyed their run out in the paddock, and they once again were happy to come in and eat. It is getting warmer now, so they do not have to wear blankets all the time, which they are happy about. We still put on day sheets when they go out – a little paranoid about them getting sick. Once we were finished at the stables it was off to the bicycle man to have the puncture fixed. Half way to the bicycle man, the tyre came off the rim, so I had to carry Kayla’s bike – I must tell you, bicycles are really heavy. Once the puncture was fixed we were able to go back to the stables to tuck our boys in for the night.

Saturday was misty and miserable, but our boys still enjoyed their romp in the paddock, while we mucked their stables. On our afternoon cycle we saw quite a cute sight, a horse, a goat and a Shetland pony standing together outside their stable – we had to take a picture, they were posing so well.

Sunday was a beautiful summer’s day here, the birds were singing, and the sun was shining. Our boys had a good run in the paddock, and enjoyed the time out in the sunshine. It looks like summer is on its way. We hope the weather stays good for a while.

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