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Week 26 - Germany

Week 26 – Germany

Monday morning was really dull and dreary, but at least it did not rain. After a windy cycle we got to our boys, they were happy to go out while we mucked their stables. Once we had brought them back in to clean stables, with fresh grass and water, Kayla and I had to go shopping in town – we try and only do it once a week. The cycle from town home was windy once again, but we made it eventually. The cycle to our boys in the afternoon was also quite windy, but at least the skies had opened a little. After topping up grass and water and tucking our boys in for the night, it was time to return home again.

Tuesday morning there was the most beautiful sunrise. What a pretty day. Our boys were happy to go out in the paddock with no blankets for a change – needless to say they both rolled and looked like mud monsters when it was time to bring them in – they had a blast. Once we brought our boys in, the grooming took a while to get them clean, but they had fun, so it was worth it. Once cleaned, watered and grassed, we put on their day blankets, because the wind had started blowing again, and we do not want our boys getting sick. In the afternoon the wind was still blowing, so the cycle was challenging to say the least. The clouds had started rolling in, but the sun was still trying to stick its head out, which made some lovely scenes. We stopped to take pictures, but it is prettier in real life. Once our boys were put into their pajamas, we were off back home.

Wednesday morning was back to being overcast, cold and windy. Our boys had to go out with blankets on again, but they still had fun chasing each other around the paddock. After having a good play, they were ready to come back in and eat, while they got groomed by us humans. Once we had groomed, grassed and watered our boys we were off home again. In the afternoon, it started raining again, but horses were tucked up and so were humans, so none of us minded the rain.

Thursday was a cool, but sunny day. The clouds tried to cover the sun, but the sun managed to stay out most of the day. Our boys had a really rough night, and both their stables were a mess, and very wet, so they were glad to get out in the paddock, so we could clean up their messy stables. Once their stables were cleaned, and grass and water were filled up, they were happy to come in again. After grooming them really well, and giving them their carrots, it was time to go home again. By now the wind was blowing quit