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Week 27 - Germany

Week 27 – Germany

Monday morning was really miserable and windy, and so was my emotional state. As hard as I try, I still cannot stop doubting that we will ever get to Canada with our horses. I am crying a lot, and doubting if I made the right decisions, and if I have jeopardized the whole family’s future – what have I done! The next minute I am positive and hopeful and full of faith that we will get there horses and all. I am doing a lot of praying and soul searching, then I realize that the Lord has a plan, and I am positive again. I have had my issues with Faith, not understanding it and not understanding why things happen the way they do, then I realize that I really need to just hand it all over to the Lord, He knows best. I have now given my horses over to the Lord, they are His now, and He will make the decisions for His horses. I just have to trust that everything will work out for the best, and according to the Lord’s plan. I forget sometimes that I am not alone, and that the Lord is with me every step of the way. When we went to the stables, and Peri called out and Bailie gave me that look of love, I was calm and happy again. Bailie made friends with one of the dogs at the stables; it is so sweet to watch Bailie nibbling at the dog. Our boys had a good play in the paddock, even the sun came out for a while, and the two of them got nice and dirty. After mucking their stables, and getting them all cleaned up it was time to go home. The afternoon cycle to our boys was windy, but not too bad, I am not sure if we are getting fitter, or if the wind is not blowing as hard. It is getting warmer here, so our boys do not have to wear their really thick blankets anymore, which I am sure they are glad about. We still blanket them, but with thinner blankets.

Tuesday morning I was very emotional again, but after some prayer and quiet time, I felt a lot better. We are really missing our family a lot now. The weather was pretty gloomy, but at least there was no rain, and when you out of the wind it is quite warm. We had to go into town today for some emergency supplies – toilet paper, so after attending to the boys, we were off to town. All the farmers were out in their fields ploughing and spraying their crops, it was so nice to see. There were people making gardens and cleaning up dead leaves from winter, all over the show – wow! It is definitely spring. The new little sprouts are popping out all over the show – what a miracle – everything looked so dead, and now it is all coming to life – the Lord God is great! The afternoon trip to our boys was challenging because of the wind, but we embraced the challenge and cycled there and back with smiles on our faces. The boys were really happy to see us and they both nuzzled us quite a bit.

Wednesday morning I woke up with the chirping of birds outside the window, I am not sure if there are more of them or if they are just getting louder because they are happy about it being spring – whichever it is, I like it! I had some quiet time and time to read the Lords word in the morning, and I have found that it calms the soul and heart to know that the Lord is here with us. I have realised that I have a lot to learn, being thankful and trusting the Lord are right on the top of the list. The cycle to the boys was a very pleasant, not too much wind. The boys were really happy to see us, and thoroughly missed us. After a romp and run in the paddock, the boys were happy to come back in and eat. After getting the boys all cleaned up, it was time to cycle home, which was really pleasant. Kayla has got lots of energy lately, or she is getting very fit, I can really not keep up with her anymore. The afternoon cycle was also pleasant, just a little chilly.

Thursday morning was the most beautiful summer’s morning – the sun shining, the birds chirping – Wow, God is good! It was still a little chilly on our cycle to the stables, but by the time we got there it had warmed up considerably. The boys had their romp in the paddock without blankets, and really enjoyed rolling all over the show. Once their stables were cleaned and all the grass and water was replenished we brought them in to clean them up. It was warm enough that we did not have to blanket them after grooming them, and I think they really enjoyed being naked for the day. We then cycled back home and enjoyed it, there was very little wind, the sun was shining, the farmer’s fields are going green and we saw some buck running in the fields – absolutely stunning. The cycle to and from the boys in the afternoon was just as pleasant. I also realised what a wonderful support group of people I have around me – all ready to jump in and help – I just thank the Lord for all the wonderful people in my life, you are all blessings!

Friday morning was another beautiful sunny morning. It was also about 9 degrees, so no jackets necessary. Peri and Bailie again enjoyed running and playing naked in the paddock and they spent the day naked as well – they are loving “streaking” around. Once we got the boys back in to their stables, it was time to go to town. The cycle was challenging to say the least; the wind gave us a real run for our money. The ride back was just as challenging – you see the wind was coming from the side, not the back or front, but we made it. The afternoon cycle was a little more pleasant, the wind had let up a little. Once we were back from the boys, I spent some time in the garden where we staying, I have not really done this since we’re here. The flowers are starting to bloom and there are buds on the trees, the miracle of life is just so amazing! The other thing that really impresses me here, is the compassion people have for others, there are always young people pushing older people in wheel chairs – taking them for walks. The other thing that impresses me is the amount of parents that take their kids for walks – I love to see the families spending time together – it makes me miss my family even more, and want to spend more time with them, I want to be able to spend time doing the simpler things with my family, with no rushing off in all directions all the time. I think at last I am growing up and realizing what is important in my life – Praise the Lord!

Saturday morning I went for a ride of Faith and at last I understand what Faith is. I decided that I was going to ride Peri, and Kayla did her best to get me not to – firstly she did not want me to ride bareback, then she kept telling me how hyperactive Peri is, and he has not been ridden for so long, and that I should not take him out alone. Anyway I did not listen and after we mucked stables, I hopped on Peri and off I went. Firstly he was a little jumpy, but we got over that. Another horse came up from behind, but after talking to Peri, he calmed down, and that was fine, we then had a few tractors to contend with, but we got through that too. We rode down along the road, then in between a few fields. We then turned around to come back to the stables. On the way back, there was a tractor, so we stopped let it pass – no problem, but then a Bakkie with a trailer carrying trees that were hanging off the sides came past. I saw it coming and started panicking, I probably scared Peri more than the bakkie – Peri made a 360 spin, and had a little wobbly, but I got him back on the path and carried on again. I then was totally relaxed, and a bird flew out the bush at us, well both of us got a fright, but just a quick one and we were over it. Once back at the stables, I thanked the Lord that neither, Peri or I were hurt. On the cycle home, it hit me, my ride on Peri was like faith – people try and get you to doubt, but you must persevere, then when you get scared, and spin off the track the Lord is there to bring you back, and when you are relaxed and trusting, you get through things easier – I cannot believe it, that something as simple as a ride on one of God’s creatures can teach me so much – at last I get it Wow!!!!

Sunday was a rather dull, wet day. So after we had been to the boys, mucked their stables, groomed them and tucked them up for the day, it was time to go home and cuddle up with a good book. I read the book Soul Surfer – what an inspirational book, it is all about Faith and what Lord Jesus Christ can do – I guess the Lord is telling me something.

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