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Week 28 - Germany

Week 28 – Germany

Monday morning was a beautiful morning again, sun shine and blue skies. It is hard to believe that it was so miserable yesterday. What a lovely way to start off the week – Praise the Lord! We had a good cycle to the stables, and the boys were happy to see us. They enjoyed their romp in the paddock while we mucked stables and did their grass and water. Once our boys were back in their stables having a good munch on their grass, we were off to town for some groceries. The cycle home was very windy, but we made it. Kayla is definitely getting fitter; she leaves me further behind every day. The afternoon cycle was also really pleasant – a little windy but not more than we can handle so we tucked the boys in for the night and cycled home.

Tuesday morning the sun was shining, and it was another beautiful day. The cycle to our boys was really hard as the wind was blowing like crazy, but we made it. Peri and Bailie were allowed to go streaking in the paddock again, as it was nice and warm; in fact they stayed in their birthday suits the whole day. Once we had finished with their stables, brought them in and cleaned them up, I just was cuddling and playing with Peri. He so wants his door open, he really misses having just a chain across his door. He also loves just standing with his front feet out the stable, he has always loved that. Once I was finished playing with Peri, we had to go into town to collect a parcel. We received a parcel from Roz – thank you Roz, you are such a blessing. The things that friends do for you are really appreciated – after all the people in your life are important. The cycle home was really hectic, but we made it, with the strength the Lord gave me. Somebody said to me that praising the Lord will help you through anything, so I now sing praises while cycling, and it makes it so much easier. The afternoon cycle was just as windy, so I just sang harder and Praise the Lord we made it there and back.

Wednesday and Thursday were both lovely warm sunny days. The boys enjoyed the new warmer weather, romping outside and staying naked during the days. Peri and Bailie are enjoying the routine we have at the moment. Wednesday was full of emotional turmoil, getting bad news, and trying to make sense of it. Sometimes life is very hard, but I have the Lord on my side, and although we lost this battle, we will win the war. I have a wonderful God, who loves me, and will not put me through more than I can handle. I have realised that humans make mistakes to the detriment of others, and I haven’t yet worked out how to process that, and how to accept and deal with that, but I am working on it, I am sure the Lord will show me what to do when the time is right. There were a lot of tears, sadness, and anger, but after getting all sorts of lovely encouraging messages from all my dear friends – thank you for all the encouragement, I am ready to carry on another day. Sometimes you just wonder is it worth it – then you realise you are so close to the finish line, that you need to at least try and get there, and have faith along the way. Praise the Lord He is control!

Friday was another stunning summer’s day. The boys had a great time out and have enjoyed getting dirty rolling all over the paddock. The cycle to and from our boys both morning and afternoon were windy, but pleasant. Friday was a good day emotionally and weather wise – Thank you Lord! Faith and hope have been restored in our lives once again. Thanks to all the friends and family who helped with all the encouraging emails and sms’s – the Lord has really worked through you, to help us realise where we should be going. Life sends its knocks, sometimes they are harder than others, but in the end the Lord Jesus Christ helps us get up and carry on.

Saturday was another sunny summer’s day – I love the sun! There was a quite a wind, but we made the cycle to and from our boys without too much strain. I clipped Peri’s ears, so now he looks all sexy again – he was so good, and just stood still while I did it. I had an encouraging call from Klaus, it is so nice to know that he is still on my side. I also managed to wash Peri’s blanket, and get it patched – I am getting quite good at this patching thing now. All in all, the Lord gave us a blessed day.

Sunday morning when I woke up, and looked at my cell phone, we were late, and had overslept – strange because every day I wake up at 6am, like clockwork. I rushed around getting ready, and Kayla kept telling me that I had the time wrong. Eventually I looked at my watch, and sure enough there was an hour difference. After googling the time, we figured it out, the clocks were changed for day light savings – so my clever cell phone changed itself – I guess if it was not for my cell, I would have never known. So after the time fiasco, we were off to the boys – they were happy to see us. They had a good romp in the paddock again, and they were happy to come in to eat again. The sun was shining, it was lovely and warm, although still windy, and the cycle home was challenging. I must say that the cycling does give a lot of time to chat to the Lord, it is peaceful, with no interruptions. I managed to wash Bailie's blanket as well, so both our boys have clean, fresh smelling blankets – not sure for how long though, they love sleeping in their “poo”. At least our boys will start the new week clean.

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