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Week 29 - Germany

Week 29 – Germany

Monday morning was really misty, windy and chilly. We were up early, because we had to get the stables early – the farrier was coming. So off we went cycling through the mist and wind. We got to our boys, and let them out to have their romp while we cleaned stables etc., while waiting for the farrier. We had finished everything, and our boys were back in and groomed, when the farrier arrived – late! It was not a problem, we had lots to do. After our boys had their pedicure, it was time for us to cycle home. The sun was trying to come out, but only managed to peek through the mist at about midday. The afternoon cycle was sunny and a lot warmer – both our boys were hanging out their stables with their heads in the sun. Once we had done their grass and water, we put on their pajamas and headed back home. Kayla and I played cards, and had a really good laugh, something we have not done for quite some time now – it was really good. I think the Lord has helped both of us accept the situation we are in, and we have decided to make the best of it.

Tuesday morning was another beautiful summers day. Our boys enjoyed their romp in the paddock, rolling all over the show. Once their stables were done, it was time for them to come back in, and Peri was not feeling to good. He had serious tummy cramps, and diarrhea. I walked him in the paddock for about an hour, prayed a lot and gave him some meds. By the afternoon he was fine again, eating and looking much happier. We only left the stables at about 2pm, then went home for lunch, and then was back by 4pm. I thank the Lord that Peri was doing fine by the evening.

Wednesday was another lovely summers day – it only started getting really windy in the late afternoon. Peri was back to his normal self – thank the Lord! and him and Bailie ran around the paddock like crazy. Bailie uses any excuse to “get a fright” and go charging off, and Peri follows not realizing Bailie is just messing around, and there is nothing there. I must say that both the boys stables were a mess, so we had to do a spring clean. The boys were really happy to come back into clean well stocked stables – spoilt brats! By the afternoon the wind had picked up, and the cycle to the boys was challenging, but at least the sun was still shining and it was nice and warm.

Thursday morning was really really windy, and miserable, it even started drizzling on the way to the boys. Our boys still enjoyed their romp in the paddock, and both of them went charging around like crazies again. Fortunately our boys do not go wondering off and stay close to us, because the people working on the other side of the paddock (putting in some pipe)had removed the paddock fence. As I said fortunately our boys don’t wonder, because we never noticed that there was no fence until we brought our boys in, so they easily could have gone roaming. I am not sure if our boys stay close because of us, or the fact that there is food in the stables, but I am grateful that they do not wonder, they run away into the paddock, and then come screaming back at a 100 miles an hour, just like little kids playing with Mom, and when they have had enough they stand and watch us, until we bring them in.

Friday and Saturday were rainy cold days – we should have been in bed the whole day, but we had to go and tend to our boys. They still enjoyed romping in the paddock, even with the wet weather, in fact I think they just loved getting all muddy. By the time we have finished with their stables, they were ready to come in, they were waiting at the gate. Once our boys were cleaned and tucked up for the day, they both seemed to be ready to go sleep. I can just imagine them both curled up with a good book and a pile of hay.

Sunday morning was really sunny, so nice. Our boys had a blast in their paddock, rolling and playing in the sun, unfortunately the sun went away, and then the boys were happy to come back in to the stables and munch away on their grass. It started drizzling, and the cycle home was cool and wet, but later on the sun did come out again, and then played hide and seek the rest of the

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