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Fifth Week in Mauritius

Fifth week in Mauritius

Yeah!!!! I know, I have skipped a week in my updates. There was nothing exciting in the 4th week, so I decided not to do an update.

We have now just completed our 5th week in Mauritius. This week was more a human week than a horse week. The horses are still doing well. Peri has everybody wrapped around his hoof, he bangs and everybody comes running – after all nobody wants to fix the door again. Bailie has learned that whatever Peri gets he gets, so he just quietly stands and waits – I am sure he edges Peri on, while nobody is looking.

The humans (Kayla and I) borrowed a car, so now we are mobile. On Thursday we decided it was time to go to the sea, after all we have been in Mauritius for over a month, and have not been to the beach. We drove to the nearest coast, Flic en Flac, which is about a 15 minute drive from where we stay – never realized it. We had a walk on the beach, and it was so good to get our feet wet. We then drove down the coast, to the Southern part of the island (Baie du Cap) stopping along the way to test the beaches. What a great day was had.

On Saturday the 15th October we were blessed enough to get two free

tickets to the Races, as VIP’s, which means we could see the race track from the highest point, as well as see the display paddock, where the horses are walked around before the race. It was really interesting to see how the public is allowed to stand right up against the track fence, in fact there is a road all the way around the track, where traffic carries on normally while the races are on. The atmosphere at the races was phenomenal, the excitement and screaming when the horses come down the finishing stretch, was like being at a live Soccer game, when a goal is scored. It really was a day to remember.

Sunday the 16th was a quiet day, after going to the stables, for the morning to muck, and groom the horses we decided to do a few things around the apartment. At about 2pm we went to check on Peri and Bailie, and they were wanting out, so because they have us wrapped around their hooves, we let them out for a little while. I am not sure if they heard all the talk about the races, but our two boys decided to show us they can also race, and did they just. They ran up the one side of the track, and then they missed the point of a track, and came bounding down the middle. I did not know that the two of them could move so fast. They ran up and down a few times, with us just watching in awe. Well as much as our two boys tried to act like race horses, they would never be able to pull it off. The two of them make the earth shudder when they come running past. I must say it was so nice watching our two boys having fun.

Now we are onto our final week in Quarte Bornes, then we move to Poste La Fayette for 50 days. Needless to say, I was asked if I would please box Peri, because nobody wants to have a repeat of the loading problems when they arrived in Mauritius, and I guess they will not be separating the two again either – Bailie must have done damage to the truck when they arrived. Only our two boys can cause so much havoc. It is just as well that we love them so much.

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