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Week 18 - Germany

Week 18 – Germany

Monday morning it was raining – surprise!!!! So we rode in the rain to our boys, and got wet, but not too bad, at least it was raining softly. We groomed our boys really well because we were not going to be there on Tuesday. We asked Barbara to give them their carrots, and she took them out for their play in the lunge ring – thanks Barbara. The people at Guido Klatte have been really fantastic helping us with so much. Once our boys were all nice and shiny, we were on our way home, to get things done at home, and get ready for our journey on Tuesday to Granny Todd (Helga)

Tuesday morning we up way before the sparrows. We got up at 5:30am, got a taxi to Cloppenburg at 6:30am, then it was 4 trains and 1 bus to Radeformwald, to visit Granny Todd (Helga) – my mother-in-law and Kayla’s granny. We got there at 11:45am. It was so nice to see Helga again, and after not seeing her for 4 years, I was really surprised how well she looked. We had lunch, played cards, and then walked to Ouma Latske, where we had Waffles and cream – Kayla’s favourite. It was such a lovely visit, and so nice to see the Latske family again, after 17 years – yip!! I saw them the last time when I was pregnant with Kayla – scary how fast time goes. We had to leave at 5:50pm again, and we reversed the process to get home. We got home at 11:20pm – a very long day, but such an enjoyable day. The weather was also great, we even had some sunshine.

Wednesday morning we were back to normal, and so was the weather – raining. We rode to our boys, but it was raining so softly that we did not get too wet. It was the first day of the final quarantine for our boys, to go to Canada. Our boys were moved to new stables, to meet the quarantine requirements. These stables are outside, not in the barn anymore, so we had to get out their blankets, so they can be blanketed at night. We just spent time grooming and playing with our boys. Bailie got his bow right today; he went down on one knee – all for a carrot. Peri is starting to bend his legs, but has a long way to go before he is as good as Bailie – what we get up to, when we spend time with our boys. We also visited Anne at Guido Klatte, and got the best news ever – both Kayla and I are on the flight with our boys, and we can go with the truck to Luxembourg with our boys – thanks Anne. Now it is just the luggage to sort out, and we are set. By the time we left the stables, the rain had stopped and we had a good, dry ride home. The afternoon was spent trying to do emails (I say trying, because it never happened, the internet would not connect) .I really need to find a more reliable internet supplier.

Thursday morning we were off to our boys in the rain and wind again – the wind does just not want to let up – I am going to have huge legs after riding in this wind. We played with our boys and rode them, or should I say play rode them in the lunge ring. There was no serious work at all. Bailie got his bow down to a fine art, and Peri is starting to bend his legs a little more and go down further. It is amazing what you can teach horses when you have carrots and time. We rode back in the rain, but we have figured out if we ride the long way home – it is about 2km further, we have the wind from the back and the ride is easier, so that is what we did – the long way.

Friday morning we saw a lovely sunrise, no rain, just wind. When it was time to go to our boys, we were all ready and the heavens opened. We decided to wait a while, and the rain let up, so we could ride to our boys, without getting wet. The wind was icy and it blew really hard, but we made it. We just groomed and played with our boys. The ride home was also dry, just very windy. The afternoon was spent catching up on emails that had lagged behind because of internet problems.

Saturday morning the sun was shining again, and there was no rain, just a little cold. We rode to our boys, and we did it 10 minutes quicker because there was no wind – it was so nice riding in the country side, and being able to look what is around. At the stables Barbara had organised some traveling boots that fitted Peri – wow! That is a first. They were second hand, but who cares – they fitted. We then washed our boy’s legs, and when they were clean they looked so good again – not for long, then they will roll and be back to square one. Horses will be horses. We then rode back home, and there was very little wind, so it made it a lovely ride home. The afternoon was spent cleaning house and doing laundry.

Sunday morning, we woke up to the world covered in frost – all pretty and white. There was also a lot of fog, the country looked like a fairy land – a very cold one at that! Our ride to our boys was really cold, but at least there was no wind. Our boys looked like dragons with the steam coming out of their noses. We groomed and oiled our boys feet, and just spent some time with them, before making the cold ride home. We now only have 30 days before we get to Canada and get re-united with our human boys – Klaus and Michael and little Rascal.

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